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So I went to my therapist today, finally, after about two months, and he seems to think that this is all chemical. When I tried to tell him that I thought maybe there could be some underlying emotional things, issues I have "festering", he basically told me that everyone has these issues, but for those of us with chemical imbalances, the dp and dr gets worse. I'm starting to doubt this though, becuase I have been on medications for eight years and the dp keeps creeping back in, even when i'm otherwise "normal". Any ideas on how to approach the idea of other types of therapy with him? (ie, cognitive behavioral, or looking mroe into the unconcious/whatever?)
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Maybe looking for another therapist is not such a bad idea. Why did you not see him for 2 months in the first place?
Hey nothing, I think it is good to keep in mind that your therapist was trying to help, and unfortunately it apparently didn't. He was trying to connect with you, and it failed. I agree with Terri that you should communicate to him that his approach failed ? it increased your anxiety as opposed to doing what he hoped it would, inundate you with intense, what you call "scary" ideas and discuss them with a calm composure, showing you that you can separate the FEAR from the idea.

Again, unfortunately it didn't work at the time. But I don't believe he ever intended to scare you in a way that would be malicious. That makes no sense. So just keep communicating with him. Honestly, I think I'd get along well with your therapist.

Keep in mind these doctors have not experienced your symptoms, and there's no established "cure," he's doing what he thinks might have a positive effect and its your responsibility to let him know if it is working or not.

Whoah Brain, that's a pretty intense reaction...

"Best way out is right through" is as ancient an idea as there is. It goes way deep ? and when you think you're at the bottom, it just keeps going deeper.
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Brain ? How's it going with your doctor these days?
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