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So I went to my therapist today, finally, after about two months, and he seems to think that this is all chemical. When I tried to tell him that I thought maybe there could be some underlying emotional things, issues I have "festering", he basically told me that everyone has these issues, but for those of us with chemical imbalances, the dp and dr gets worse. I'm starting to doubt this though, becuase I have been on medications for eight years and the dp keeps creeping back in, even when i'm otherwise "normal". Any ideas on how to approach the idea of other types of therapy with him? (ie, cognitive behavioral, or looking mroe into the unconcious/whatever?)
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JanineBaker said:
They will never "try" a different type of treatment - it's veryyy ingrained in them what they believe regarding theories of the mind, etc. and they went into a particular area because that is how they view the process of mental functioning/symptoms, etc.
Then, it would only require to have doctors with a more wide "area" (is that what you ment with "ingrain"?)
ohhh... dont put me down with these stuff... i will never go to that doc i'm planning to

nothing said:
When i told him that my arm feels numb and like it's someone else's arm he said, "maybe your sleeping on it funny".
"no, i am not"

nothing said:
My tharapist diagnosed me with dp and then started talking about really scary things like, "do we exist?" and he was trying to persuade me that it wasn't a scary subject. while he was talking i got this horrible sensation that i no longer had a face. The room was too big to be seen with just my eyes and my whole face was an open hole from which the universe poors. I told him this and he said, "well, that doesn't have to be a scary thing" and kept talking about the same scary stuff.
WTF? you will tell me what is scary and what is not? get a gun, put it in his head, arm it, and when you see him get scared, tell him "nahhh.. that doesn't have to be a scary thing"
I am sorry, I was upset when I wrote that. It is not a good idea going there with a gun :) I am afraid of even touching weapons. Weapons are ment to kill.

It reminded me my 1st doctor (in March). I guess they are trying to make us understand that "the best way out is through" and that "facing it will lead you to understand that it's actually nothing". But... a hook under my skin will not come out by hust pulling it off, will it? I don't know, maybe I am making a wrong approach, maybe it is a good way to heal a pattient. But I would be very interested to know, what makes them believe that this is a good way.

Terri, the signature is from a poem. It's a really good one, it gives you another aspect of life and takes away pessimism by accepting it. I will post it in 'That's Life' in a while.
bright23 said:
Whoah Brain, that's a pretty intense reaction...
Yes it is. I regret for saying that, it sounded too much... I should have said something like "drop him in arena full of lions".

The things that Nothing described really scared me and reminded me some of my worst moments. The doctor was definetly trying to help, but he should be more careful. We never never touch the sensitive nerve, we "lurk" the problem from behind (just my opinion on how brain's conflicts should be faced).

bright23 said:
"Best way out is right through" is as ancient an idea as there is. It goes way deep ? and when you think you're at the bottom, it just keeps going deeper.
Precisely. It's a whole and you keep falling. Alice (in Wonderland) made it to the bottom, but I can't.
She was? Well... I haven't met her :)

Maybe for some reason, telling your problems to your doctor got you convinced that he something more than a person to solve those problems? I have heard of doctors getting good relations with patients (especially when the patient is feeling lonely, etc) in order not to lose the customer! Which is so... [add something bad here].

I have no idea if this is your case. It just reminded me of this. But, why do you care if he will be upset?
bright23 said:
Brain ? How's it going with your doctor these days?
I am not in a doctor these days. I was on March. I needed to change.

I will visit the next one in July. A person who rents a warehouse reported alike stuff with me (DP-ish) and said that he found peace with that doctor. So I will go and see what he can do for me.

Actually, if I fail this time too, I will head to some shrink to invest my unconscious, unconscious, and my pocked :D
Martinelv said:
Well, my appointment with the psychiatrist was a spectacular waste of time. I won't bore you with the details.
If you don't mind, please tell us what happened. If you think that it is not proper for public viewing, then send it as a PM to me. It will help me with my second doc, which appars to be what you call in English "analyst".
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