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So I went to my therapist today, finally, after about two months, and he seems to think that this is all chemical. When I tried to tell him that I thought maybe there could be some underlying emotional things, issues I have "festering", he basically told me that everyone has these issues, but for those of us with chemical imbalances, the dp and dr gets worse. I'm starting to doubt this though, becuase I have been on medications for eight years and the dp keeps creeping back in, even when i'm otherwise "normal". Any ideas on how to approach the idea of other types of therapy with him? (ie, cognitive behavioral, or looking mroe into the unconcious/whatever?)
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I think Brainsilence has an excellent theory as how to deal with your idiot shrink, nothing. Give him so damn "scarey". :twisted: ( Really like your new signature, Brain.)

Nothing, I don't know how old you are, but I do want to tell you that since these two seem to be your only hope, you need to go in there and strongly suggest that his way of scaring you out of dp is not working and you would like for him to approach it in a different manner as you feel his way is very counterproductive for you. Just because he is a shrink, does not make him God Almighty. Stand your ground, be calm, but very straightforward. Scare tatics will not work for you. They wouldn't work for any of us.

At worse, he can just talk more scarey crap to you and you can roll your eyes. :roll: By then you will have got yourself so worked up by standing up to him, you won't care what he is saying. :p
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