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So I went to my therapist today, finally, after about two months, and he seems to think that this is all chemical. When I tried to tell him that I thought maybe there could be some underlying emotional things, issues I have "festering", he basically told me that everyone has these issues, but for those of us with chemical imbalances, the dp and dr gets worse. I'm starting to doubt this though, becuase I have been on medications for eight years and the dp keeps creeping back in, even when i'm otherwise "normal". Any ideas on how to approach the idea of other types of therapy with him? (ie, cognitive behavioral, or looking mroe into the unconcious/whatever?)
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I'm finally, after 10 years, seeing a Psychiatrist tomorrow. Initially the appointment was with a local mental health nurse, then it got 'upgraded' to a CBT Therapist, and after a bit of shouting down the phone, I'm getting a home (cos I'm so terribly ill still :wink: ) visit from a bona-fide shrink. First time ever. I'd be interested in what he/she is going to talk about.
Well, my appointment with the psychiatrist was a spectacular waste of time. I won't bore you with the details.
No, it was private. I'm not insane enough to warrant one on the NHS.

She simply wanted to attribute everything to short-term stressors that I didn't even care about and didn't feel stressed from at all
Ditto, exactly. Which is probably true in some ways, but I wanted answers to other more fundamental problems that I've always had. A lot to ask in one session I guess!! - but from his attitude, I know he thought I was wasting his time. Tosser.

Anyway, most of it focused on what I already knew - that drug abuse triggered off underlying psychological blah blah....yeah....and ?????????
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