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therapeutic drugs

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Feel free moderators to x this post out, but I have an observation.
The trials of different meds through the years have been crap shoots. They (the medical community) not only do not understand our problem but to throw the panacea of tricyclics, ssri's, antipsychotics, atypical antipsychotics, and even anti seizure meds is a bit much for me to understand. I have done them all and I have suffered because of them. What disturbs me most is that they really do not know how these drugs really work in the first place but are willing to let us experiment with them in an effort to prove their efficacy. Their intentions may be good, but results are most often lacking.
I just watched a Star Trek movie where "Bones" (the doctor) went back in time and was horrified by the primitive measures they used in their ignorance to treat disease. I think we all are in the same arena here. Twenty years from now hopefully all of this will be looked at as nothing but groundwork. I am sorry for the negativeity, but I am truly tired of the effort.
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