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Is it possible that our minds are not producing enough of a certain chemical in the brain that regulates reality perception and self perception? That somehow that part of the brain isn't working the way it should and so it produces a different conscious. The conscious is located throughout the brain and if a part of the brain doesn't work the way it did before we had dp/dr our self conscious and outer perception is changed.

I think if we play with our minds we could change the way we think about ourselves. Like throughout the day I would think about the past, sometimes thinking about the good things about and sometimes the bad. The bad always beats the good and i end up feeling horrible the whole day. Well 1 night i thought about the bad experiences that happen to me and stored them in my head as good experiences. The next day i felt much better about myself and my outlook on life. Over time if we kept manipulating our minds we could change our outlook on life.

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Just a little info....

Serotonergic functioning

Affecting Mood or Mind?
But most alarming is the serotonin and perception connection. Doctor Tracy as well as other sources described how the hallucinogenic drug LSD strongly acts on this neurotransmitter serotonin. The numerous examples of human LSD experiences have learned us that serotonin plays a major part in perception, our sense of reality, how we experience our in- and outside world! Other examples of drugs acting on the serotonergic system are PCP and MDMA (Ecstasy). Most of the readers will recognize also these serotonergic drugs for their capability to produce "an altered state of consciousness" in human beings. In the way that the serotonergic system responds to serotonergic drugs, we may conclude that this system is heavily involved in the determination of ones perception and therefore ones thought processes and emotions. The advertisements from the pharmaceutical companies, promoting elevated serotonin levels as were they purely mood lifting, therefore seem to be rather misleading then informative. SSRI-AntiDepressants are to be considered mind-altering drugs and not primarily mood-altering.
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