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The Zombie State

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DPers often say they feel like a zombie. I too use this word to describe how I feel at times. I am wondering if you guys can describe to me what feeling like a zombie feels like? Just wondering if it's the same type of feeling. Today I was without the zombie feeling for a few hours and then it rather suddenly came over me with no obvious trigger. I hadn't felt it in a while so I really wasn't expecting it. I'm not going to describe how it feels for me because I want to see what you guys come up with first.
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The zombie state for me is what is commonly described as being on "autopilot" mixed with the other common description of feeling as if I am intoxicated. I feel as if when I walk there is a haze that surrounds me. Not a literal one but a mental fog that clouds my perceptions of reality. I have a more difficult time with cognitive tasks like remembering things, reasoning, or figuring out complex problems.

Life is something that I have been thrust into but I'm not actually actively living. Just existing. Its a lack of clarity and an overall dullness that seems to me most like the zombie state. Everything is confusing and nothing is clear. Because of this I mostly sleepwalk and go through the motions instead of taking an active role in day to day life.
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