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The Zombie State

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DPers often say they feel like a zombie. I too use this word to describe how I feel at times. I am wondering if you guys can describe to me what feeling like a zombie feels like? Just wondering if it's the same type of feeling. Today I was without the zombie feeling for a few hours and then it rather suddenly came over me with no obvious trigger. I hadn't felt it in a while so I really wasn't expecting it. I'm not going to describe how it feels for me because I want to see what you guys come up with first.
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university girl,

The way I understand the word "zombie", is a person who has been brought back from the dead. His mind is a pulp, so his body isn't in what we say "full control".

I think that it is a combination: a state of the body and the mind.


Tired but still able to move and do things. Tirement bothers you, but does not effect (essentially) you performance. Your perfomance is been effected by your mood "I am tired". In other words, the relation between your performance and your body tirement is inderct


Intentions (an intention is behind every thought and body-movement) are not clear, but thoughts and body-movement keeps going. The person becomes an observer of him/herself.

"my hands are not mine"
"i am not controling my body"
"i feel like a robot"
"i am not here"


I have "borrowed" your description for another post of mine. I hope you don't mind :)


We need descriptions of descriptions because the nature of this illness. Since it is the perception that gets injuried, it is hard describing. It's like someone is asking you to tell him what you see when you don't have eyes.
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I have described the zombie state very differently than me. The thing you are decribing as zombie state is what I call "just tired to do anything and very frustrated with this whole situation".

Your description makes more sense though. Since zombies cannot move well, and seem so tired.
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