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The Zombie State

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DPers often say they feel like a zombie. I too use this word to describe how I feel at times. I am wondering if you guys can describe to me what feeling like a zombie feels like? Just wondering if it's the same type of feeling. Today I was without the zombie feeling for a few hours and then it rather suddenly came over me with no obvious trigger. I hadn't felt it in a while so I really wasn't expecting it. I'm not going to describe how it feels for me because I want to see what you guys come up with first.
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The zombie state is for me being empty of thought, blank and not able to engage with anything without an enormous amount of effort to pathetic results. Not having any real reactions to anything, everything is false. Its being aware that I have no feelings or thoughts, other than the observing of the absence and that other people around me are not like this - a bit like peaceboy describes elsewhere I become obsessed with what it is to function normally what do other people do - they walk, they talk, they respond, they are focused, they think each other are there, they take for granted that the world around them is here. Its very monotonous and boring and it is actually quite painful, I realise afterwards when I come out of it, it doesn't feel painful at the time exactly, because there don't apper to be any feelings.
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