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The weirdest experience I ever had.

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I thought I would share this since it seems a lot of DP sufferers have started experiencing this after smoking weed.

I've had DP/DR since my first panic attack in 1994 (every single day)! I describe it like a volume tuner on any sound device. I can't turn it off it's always on but sometimes it's more quiet, sometimes it loud as hell.

Back to the topic, the first time I smoke weed was in 05-06 if I remember. I wanted to do it by my terms and not because I was pressured to do so. Needless to say I had a huge bad trip because I smoked way too much and I was in a completely crippling panic attack. However, there something I did notice. I was moving through every state of consciousness including my non DP self! The only way I can describe it was like a wave. Going from almost gone to fully aware (non DP) then back down to gone and so on and so forth. It didn't last long but it was the only time I was back.

Fast forward in 2019 and I'm still in the same mood (did the whole 10 step).

Anyone ever experience something like this? A psychologist once told me that I was stuck in an emotive state (I lost my mom in 1993 hence why I had my first panic attack afterwards).
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Not sure if this is the same but like 10 months ago, i ate a weed edible and felt like i was traversing through every state of consciousness and every plane of existence? Id also describe it like a wave. It was really profound and i felt like i was one with my surroundings. Then, recently, 3 months ago, i tried weed again, this time to smoke it instead of eating it but an even more profound experiance happened where i not only felt at one with my surroundings but with existence as a whole. It was non duel i believe and while in it, i was convinced i was god but was for some reason inside a human i created or something. It was weird. Not sure what to beleive anymore since then. Point is, i think i may have felt what u describe?
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