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The vast ocean

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My girlfriend was saying that she wants to go on a cruise with me.

I would love to, and I always wanted to, but I always had a fear of being out in the ocean where I can't see land.

Does anyone get freaked out at the following thoughts (by the way - it has nothing to do with DP/DR because I am free these days of both, and I still have anxiety at these thoughts):

1. The ocean is HUGE.
2. I get freaked out to think that I may be sailing over water depth of over 100 miles.
3. The ocean is open and flat. Nowhere else to go when you are on the boat.

Any advice to calm the anxiety?
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Hey mcsciegs ?

Maybe you just don't like the ocean? That's quite possible and totally normal.

I personally can't stand it. Flat open water makes me think of the hopeless VOID. Add to that the prosepect of being stuck on a boat full of vacationers with no escape? Dreadful.

Perhaps a cruise vacation is not for you. If that's the case nothing will "cure" you of it.

I prefer mountains and camping. Just got back tonight in fact. Campfire, smores, hiking, nude bathing with my girlfriend, hundreds of spiders. Not exactly in that order though...
glad to be of help...

Sometimes we need to follow our GUT instincts, and other times we need to go against what our gut is telling us because our gut instincts are contaminated by unreasonable FEAR and ANXIETY. Its usually hard for us to see this difference, so that's why this forum is so great, and why asking other's opions is really helpful. FRIENDS ARE GOOD FOR THIS REASON.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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