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The vast ocean

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My girlfriend was saying that she wants to go on a cruise with me.

I would love to, and I always wanted to, but I always had a fear of being out in the ocean where I can't see land.

Does anyone get freaked out at the following thoughts (by the way - it has nothing to do with DP/DR because I am free these days of both, and I still have anxiety at these thoughts):

1. The ocean is HUGE.
2. I get freaked out to think that I may be sailing over water depth of over 100 miles.
3. The ocean is open and flat. Nowhere else to go when you are on the boat.

Any advice to calm the anxiety?
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Yes, I am afraid of the ocean as's so vast and I understand completely the feeling of no escape on a cruise. I always half-joke that I need to be within twenty five mile radius of a hospital at all times, so if i have a heart attack or something of the sort i can be rushed there.

Something odd happened this weekend, however. I went to Atlantic City with my brother and twelve other people for his bachelor party, and i was absolutely dreading it. I was sure it would be awful. The trip up there wasn't all that good, I had some problems, as I do sometiems when i'm on a road trip somewhere. When we go to Atlantic city, with all the lights and sounds, I had a little dp/dr. Then, i was dp/dr free for the rest of the trip. I had a bad experience on the way back, but all in all it was great. I was really surprised, but I think that the fear we have for things is much worse than the actual thing itself (although this is pretty much basic psychology.) I remember reading in another post that someone thinks about walking across their office and they start to get upset thinking about hwo they will feel. I have this same problem, but the fear is much worse than actually doing it. OK i've rambled on long enough, and I think I have a point, mainly that, no matter how hard it is, sometimes we have to just say "f you" to the fear and just go ahed and do what we're afraid of, forcing ourselves to not think so much.
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