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The vast ocean

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My girlfriend was saying that she wants to go on a cruise with me.

I would love to, and I always wanted to, but I always had a fear of being out in the ocean where I can't see land.

Does anyone get freaked out at the following thoughts (by the way - it has nothing to do with DP/DR because I am free these days of both, and I still have anxiety at these thoughts):

1. The ocean is HUGE.
2. I get freaked out to think that I may be sailing over water depth of over 100 miles.
3. The ocean is open and flat. Nowhere else to go when you are on the boat.

Any advice to calm the anxiety?
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mcsiegs said:
Any advice to calm the anxiety?
Plenty of advice. None that's likely to work :roll:

I once read that you're more likely to die from your own trousers than dying in an airplane crash. That's the sort of thing that helps me - it shows that you can die from pretty much anything so why worry about flying if it's not likely to kill you?

This, of course, is based on my assumption that it's a fear of death that's underlying your fear of open water.

p.s. I hope this post does not start a plague of trouserphobia.
bright23 said:
Its usually hard for us to see this difference, so that's why this forum is so great, and why asking other's opions is really helpful.
Too true! Only yesterday I was sat in my flat, feeling sh_t-scared due to the weird light outside. My g/f said "well why not close the blinds, if this light make you feel sh_t". I did and felt a bit better. If she hadn't have said that, I'd have sat there, not wanting to avoid something that I irrationally fear.

The balance between making changes in your life and standing up to irrational fear/thinking is indeed very, very hard to strike.
mcsiegs said:
Sming's girl: That's why I love you. So helpless. (audience laughter).

Only messin with ya. You gave me a smile for the afternoon.
glad to be of service!

I believe the phrase she uses in such situations is:
"oh, you're so cute"

i.e. you're such a dimwit :D
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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