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The vast ocean

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My girlfriend was saying that she wants to go on a cruise with me.

I would love to, and I always wanted to, but I always had a fear of being out in the ocean where I can't see land.

Does anyone get freaked out at the following thoughts (by the way - it has nothing to do with DP/DR because I am free these days of both, and I still have anxiety at these thoughts):

1. The ocean is HUGE.
2. I get freaked out to think that I may be sailing over water depth of over 100 miles.
3. The ocean is open and flat. Nowhere else to go when you are on the boat.

Any advice to calm the anxiety?
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Me too KChendrix. I never used to, but I get really nervous about leaving my home base these days.

Last night I had a dream that I had to fly somewhere at the spur of the moment, and as I was getting on the plane, I realized I didn't have my meds with me...Much to real of a dream.
Bright23 - so logical. Makes sense to me.

Maybe I will take my girlfriend on one of those mountain excursions.


Also - thanks to all for responding! You are all so caring.
Sming - your message sort of made me laugh...Sounded like a sitcom.

Sming: The light bothers me
Sming's girl: Well, close the damn blinds (audience laughter)
Sming: SO obvious. I would have sat here all day (audience laughter)
Sming's girl: That's why I love you. So helpless. (audience laughter).

Only messin with ya. You gave me a smile for the afternoon.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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