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The vast ocean

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My girlfriend was saying that she wants to go on a cruise with me.

I would love to, and I always wanted to, but I always had a fear of being out in the ocean where I can't see land.

Does anyone get freaked out at the following thoughts (by the way - it has nothing to do with DP/DR because I am free these days of both, and I still have anxiety at these thoughts):

1. The ocean is HUGE.
2. I get freaked out to think that I may be sailing over water depth of over 100 miles.
3. The ocean is open and flat. Nowhere else to go when you are on the boat.

Any advice to calm the anxiety?
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I tend to fear almost all traveling for some reason.....
I know,,,I would like to go so many places, but the fear of how I feel holds me back... I used to Travel to Pittsburgh about once a month and because of how I feel I am afraid to.. Going to work every day and small local ventures don't bother me , but If I had to go somewhere like this now,,I don't know if I could handle it right now.

Wierd.. Fear is a crippling thing and just doesn't make sense.
Used to come up on business about once a month , luckily for now I can take care of a lot remotely with computers, Office was in Bridgeville if you know where that is ... I just kind of hung out , enjoyed sitting in the bar and meeting knew people.. That was before all this.. Stayed at the Greetree Holiday in a lot, also the Hilton Garden inn ,I forget the name of that town,, Cannons,,something.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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