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The Two things that Cured Me.

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Not fearing anxiety <--- The big one.

Not fearing anxiety meant basically no anxiety for me.

You should practise it if you have an anxiety disorder, because it does take practise.

i discovered that my habit of fearing fear/anxiety was exactly what i was doing the whole time to keep me in the DP/DR state, and to keep my anxiety on a constant level.

i now experience anxiety, say on a scale of 100 hmmm ... 3 .... probably even 2

also knowing and accepting that all these symptoms are simply anxiety.

SIMPLE ....aha easier said than done it does take practise and bollocks
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Everyone's case is different, but how long did it take you from the time you realized this to the time it stopped being an issue?

I know you're right, and so do a lot of people have who recovered before you. I'm definitely way better now that I know what the root cause of my problems are and now that I'm not giving into the distractions and obsessions that anxiety produces as much.

DP is an inconvenience and it does affect my life somewhat, but it doesn't freak me out like it used to and I have finally had some small windows of time where I was DP free due to gaining a habit of realizing I'm not really in danger and "passing through the panic". When a stressful situation occurs (an argument with someone, for example), regardless of my attitude, my mind just becomes exhausted, though...

I try to get my rest and put a positive spin on the situation, not allowing myself to panic and cutting back on rumination, but I'm concerned that knowing and accepting may not always be enough to prevent setbacks.
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