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the sum of all conflicts

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The sum of all conflicts. That's what DP is. My opinion. I have feelings that look-like DR, but I deal with my real problems, not DR itself.

I am examing the causes, not the symptom.

What do I mean with "real problems"?
- why am I having problems with sociality (maybe it's social anxiety maybe it's not)
- why I am postponing things
- why do I have Narcisistic-alike thoughts
- why I am behaving egoistically
- etc...

My advice? No, not advice... my recomendation: forget about DP/DR, go after the things that create it. DP/DR is present, Ok, leave it there. We don't want it to go away, that's not the goal. Start to think other things that go wrong.

Notice that I don't use the word "fight" or "kill". Meanings that contain violence seem to me problematic, since they make me see my condition as sick or doomed. That is not how I want to think of me and my condition because it created me sadness that works only as a self-confirmation mechanism. All this, is one me. Everybody is different, but, some things are common to a an extend.
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