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the sum of all conflicts

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The sum of all conflicts. That's what DP is. My opinion. I have feelings that look-like DR, but I deal with my real problems, not DR itself.

I am examing the causes, not the symptom.

What do I mean with "real problems"?
- why am I having problems with sociality (maybe it's social anxiety maybe it's not)
- why I am postponing things
- why do I have Narcisistic-alike thoughts
- why I am behaving egoistically
- etc...

My advice? No, not advice... my recomendation: forget about DP/DR, go after the things that create it. DP/DR is present, Ok, leave it there. We don't want it to go away, that's not the goal. Start to think other things that go wrong.

Notice that I don't use the word "fight" or "kill". Meanings that contain violence seem to me problematic, since they make me see my condition as sick or doomed. That is not how I want to think of me and my condition because it created me sadness that works only as a self-confirmation mechanism. All this, is one me. Everybody is different, but, some things are common to a an extend.
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I personally think that we can "read too much" into these things.

It's tempting to look for some cause in narcissistic, schizoid, or other deep-seated personality features. It's tempting to try to analyze our past, to see where we've gone wrong, what might be bringing on our symptoms. For others, it's tempting to find some complex biochemical or neurological reason for why we feel the way we do.

Very often it's just not that complicated. We're biological animals. We feel bad when our needs aren't satisfied. We can have a whole myriad of symptoms that may feel as if they symbolize something deeper, but very often they're just a result of our needs and desires not being met.

Relationships, occupation, rewarding activites, a bit of fun now and again, healthy eating, exercise: these are sometimes all that it takes to get better, and in pursuing them looking for the deeper answers is more of a distraction than an aid.
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