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The start of the depersonalization

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Did anyone experience this very lucid “reborn” feeling/sets of images...waking up completely disoriented and feeling like they were a baby, not able to handle anything? All ways of expression besides automatic words just gone. Like you could access your memories but they didn’t feel like yours but at the same time they are the only thing that felt real and comforting, after a few days of feeling disconnected anyway...maybe at first if felt like this surreal, kind of exciting experience because of how bizarre it was, but then that feeling changed to nervousness, depression, paranoia. I mentioned in a reply in someone’s previous post that I forgot how to what made me unique, in the moment, was gone. Also, automatic things that should’ve been easy for me weren’t anymore. I didn’t know how to wash my hair correctly; I don’t know if that was this temporary personality that came out, but I still have issues with getting shampoo and conditioner out of my hair, for years...and acting spontaneous/clever, that was gone. I obsess over my hand motions and voice tone sometimes, wondering if it’s really mine or if I copied it from someone else. I don’t know. Hopefully this seems relatable to someone. I just felt like an intruder in my body, like my face wasn’t mine, nor my hair or my body. Everything felt wrong....and once the moments where I “snapped” out of it came about, maybe, the wrongness still held on. Anyway, yeah, wanted to get that out there. Thanks for reading. I’m just a little neurotic.
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Sorry you experienced something like it too
I feel like whatever I experienced doesn’t belong anywhere, like I’m completely alone.
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