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Wendy, thanks so much for taking the time to write about something so very courageous for one to do while dp'd. I consider this to be a story of overcoming dp to a great degree.

And yes, I know for certain, it was YOU !

As always, you da Girl.
Great Big MammaJamma Hugs. (((((((( ))))))))

We're having a big ol' lovefest down here.

Hey, if you get praise on this Board it ain't got a thing to do with fluff. It's the real stuff!

Wendy, you have the stuff that winners are made of. Don't ever be afraid of having that ability.

Saying thanks is always more than enough, Kiddo. :wink:

and that Janine...well isn't she just something else? :wink: 8) ( are you soaking it up? lol)
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Janine, dear Wendy, I was writing to Janine since she had stated "there are those of us who did get it and are just unquenchable". Ergo the "that janine, isn't she something else" ( this would be a compliment...albiet tongue in cheek for the sake of the post). Then the words "soaking it up" to go with unquenchable...not being able to be filled up, per se.

Ya know, when I have these conversations with myself they make sense. :lol:

Sorry for the confusion.
( excuse me...just sneaking back in here to say i was definitely joking. :lol: :D :wink: and all that happy, kidding stuff. )
holy moly, your english, and understanding of english, is perfect Wendy. i was the one that did not get my thought put together right.

you cannot beat me at the "no it was me" game. lol. "oh no, please, excuse me, it was me." years of practice.

you're sweet. now get on with making a whole out of the pieces. of course, the pieces make the whole and the realization of that makes us whole. so says me. :wink:

I humbly bow to the new Queen. lol :p

You totally cracked me up with that one.

Most sincerely,
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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