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In an act of self mortification, would anyone be interested in reading some of my (I hesitate to use the word) literature? I've been writing for years, and apparently I have a 'talent', but I'd be interested to hear of your opinions, because apart from my friends and the filthy sons of a bastards bastard bastards agents, who tell me I'm a literary genius, I'm sure you mob will be brutally honest, and that's what I want. And I mean that.

Anyway, I've recently assembled a complete collection of the shite that I've written over the years, and would be interested in your HONEST comments. They are in .doc files, in a readable format (not double-spaced, like the filthy sons of a bastards bastard bastard agents insist on). You can read all, any, or none of them. Details below: (Incidently, the title and subject matter may have already been published, but they are my own. I'm terrified of trawling the net in case someone has already beaten me to it.)

. A Tranquil Breeze. The first five chapters of my novel that I've been writing and amending for ten years, which has been rejected from more publishers than I care to forget. (6,425 words - the entire novel is 83,945 words - yet unfinished and edited)

.The Planets - A silly little novella about the planets given human personalities, and a conference they attend to discuss 'Earth's Problems' (2,101 words)

.Forgetting to Breath My own slightly dramatised account of DR/DP/Panic when it was at it's worst. (12,745 words)

.A Critique of Pure Unreason - A collection of my ravings regarding the Supernatural, the Paranormal, Religion, and the seduction of illusion. Avoid at all costs. :shock: (11,647 words)

Cheers. If anyone is interested I'll forward any or all.
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