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the short term memory loss

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Is it normal to have short term memory loss do you think? My anxiety has mostly left over the past week but now ill go out or whatever and always question myself as to where im going and why. It's weird, and also i notice the DP kicks up right after eating a meal..

that happen to anyone?
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What Nemesis says is true.

When I'm very dp'ed and anxious my memory, concentration and perhaps entire cognitive function seems to "go out the window". Each time I've got a little better, it's come back to what it was before; better sometimes.

I suppose this is a testament to the fact that DP does not actually destroy our brains in any permanent way whatever, even though it may feel as if it is.

Once you recover, there's no reason why your brain can't be as "good as new".
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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