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the short term memory loss

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Is it normal to have short term memory loss do you think? My anxiety has mostly left over the past week but now ill go out or whatever and always question myself as to where im going and why. It's weird, and also i notice the DP kicks up right after eating a meal..

that happen to anyone?
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I too have a great many problems with memory, but more so cognition to the point where I will be unable to do perform simple planning tasks at work. At various times my focus and memory have declined to the point where I've found myself forgetting my own phone number, one that I've had for years. Or worse still, sitting at a set of traffic lights and momentarily forgetting the point of the green signal.

The issues with memory and focus are personally by far the most invasive and debilitating aspects of this illness. The symptoms contribute to many hardships in my current life such as missed job opportunities, lost or damaged relationships and the digression into the constrictive stupor of depression.

And then there is also the worry that these problems could also be symbolic of a progressive disease such as schizophrenia. Yet another useful worry to break down the self esteem and leave you hopeless for the future and feeling like an invalid, lacking the ability at times to look after myself in the long term if this keeps up.

Many apologies for adding yet another depressing post to the board, but perhaps someone can take solace in knowing that someone out there might be a little worse of than they are.

Keep well.
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I?m not so sure that DP is responsible for memory loss as such, but more temporary memory misplacement. My memory is extremely poor during times of duress where I seem to switch out from reality and internalize. During these moments I find it hard to not only remember, but also to take part in any task that requires the processing of external input such as driving, academic work, etc.

I've heard of quite a few people who have has made a full recoveries in both memory and mental function after conquering DP. I?m going to make an assumption and state that DP does not permanently affect a person's memory, but may be a side effect of an anxiety or a detachment response.
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