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the short term memory loss

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Is it normal to have short term memory loss do you think? My anxiety has mostly left over the past week but now ill go out or whatever and always question myself as to where im going and why. It's weird, and also i notice the DP kicks up right after eating a meal..

that happen to anyone?
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Hey jive

I get the same thing. After I eat I feel like I am totally sleepy and DPd to the max. It's really wierd. As for memory issues, I get those too. Lately I will be studying for a test, and know what I am doing with the work. Then I will take a break and go back to it, and completely forget what the hell I was doing. I will have to read over the material again just to remember. I have no memory recall anymore lol. I think it is because I am depressed though. I'm still not quite sure yet.

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