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the self-acknowledgement thing

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Using words under doubt: I assume that crediting or acknowledgement involves giving congratulations and honors to someone.

I am embarassed to say this, but I need your oppinion.

I impulsively (in an instinctive way) credit myself for unimportant things that I do. I take a minor achievement and convert it into a big feat inside my imagination. I am imaging situations honoring for me. I re-create an imaginary version of a real incident the way I would like it to happen (of fource the imaginary version is to my advantage and is crediting me). I imagine revenge upon things that still bother me of the past.

The resault of these thoughts is that I feel better. Of cource, I understand that it is not right: I am living a fantasy that could very easily absorb me and destroy me.

This is happening at many levels of the personality. I try to stop it wherever I "see" it, but it appears to be in a greater extent than I can percieve it. I have the sense that I will not be able to kill it :(

The reason I placed this topic in DP discussion is because it must be contributing to the cumulative thing that DP is.

Has anyone met this beafore?
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Interesting thread, and person3, nice response. I actually believe very much in what person3 says here - mostly, that if you have constant daydreams or visualizations or imaginings about certain things, it's best to explore them.

Growing up I daydreamed a lot, and one of the things I daydreamed about was being up on stage, playing a guitar. Well, doing it makes me feel very good and appeases a side of me. The act of doing it can become somehwat obsessive - and I really enjoy performance and, well, I do it....but I had to meet that daydream head on to accomplish that side of me.

I think, in the least analytical sense, it boils down to this: If you're daydreaming about it, or visualizing/imagining it, then it's a strong enough part of your awareness that it something worth exploring/fixing/facing.

This thread could get very, very deep, potentially - but I think it all boils down to this: unfinished business.
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