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The real method to curing DP/DR ..

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I have experienced this disorder for a while now and i have figured out what has been keeping me from "Reality"

At first this disorder was a mind fuck and i couldn't do anything with my life !! now i can go through my day without really caring how shit i feel because i know for a fact there is an END and most importantly why i am feeling like this.

There is a few steps i think you probably already know but really absorb them and work on them.
  • Let go of all those stupid thoughts, like will it last forever, am i going insane , why me, do i have a brain tumour..etc This is nonsense.. all of them are NONSENSE.. This is hard to believe because when you are in an anxious state .. any thought, problem or worry = x100 but when you are in a relaxed state you can look at these thoughts as a bully, your anxious mind being nothing but a BULLY, and you WILL NOT give the bully anything to come back for.
  • Accept it,let it come, do not panic, do not hide, do not avoid anything, do not fight it. Just try and live your life as normally as possible no matter how hard and odd it may feel in the state you are in. WHAT EVER HAPPENS.... HAPPENS, i found living like a lucid dream quite useful be aware that you are in a sort of dream state but go along with it without trying to end it.
This one is the main one. and mostly to do with the recovery process.

For anyone that has had this for a while. I found that after a while with this you get so used to the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety that you actually start to get used to it, hmmm uncomfortable, comfortable, i suppose. I have found that i have become accustomed to this on edge feeling that when i got to reach the point of normality i started questioning the feeling of no fear and no anxiety and in turn that made me anxious and then on top of that, this is when shit kicks off lol, I then started fearing the anxiety because i knew i didn't want anxiety to put me back in the deep end............... uh oh bad bad bad bad hole of endless fear and anxiety i just got myself into. While i was in this loop of dark dark fear and constant worry, i was in reality for maybe a week until my mind turn the defensive mechanism on known as DP/DR ahah.

Well i am still in the funny reality known as DP right this second, i relapsed nearly a month ago but i am working on the mind habits that i have got myself into over this year. It is a process and there will be more ups and downs to come but i will reap the rewards at the end of this and in turn will probably rid myself of anxiety completely. well not completely because it is natural feeling that everyone experiences in dangerous situation, it is built into evolution fight or flight. We are the ones that got kinda scared by that feeling and questioned it making it into a disorder.

i always recovered to about 85-90% in a matter of 1-2 months every and i mean every time, but i was still in the mind cycles of anxiety and they are what kept me from the 100%.

You need to know exactly where you went wrong and sort it out ..... starting THIS SECOND.

You need to sort out the habits that you have built up before you can make a full recovery trust me.



FEAR ANXIETY ( fearing the fear ) -- this will cause a constant loop of fear all day everyday. let the fear run through out you without adding worry to that feeling. It will pass in a matter of minutes.

WHEN you start to reach the point of feeling normal you might start questioning the feeling because it has been so long. You will most likely start to get bored and feel empty inside but, this is because you are used to feeling of anxiety and all that fucking mind chatter, it is mad how it fills that blank space in you which is not pleasant, but like i said. you are so accustomed to it, really what you have done is teach yourself that it is actually normal to feel like that... BUT NO, TURNS THINGS AROUND RIGHT THIS SECOND I FUCKIN MEAN IT.

this might explain it more. http://www.blogher.c...nxiety?page=0,1


recovery is around the corner.

p.s I really do wish i could write an essay as easy as it was for me to write about this lol
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Did u finally revover? Cause I know im right at 90% I would say cause its almost as if its not there more panick attacks, no depression at all, I know im me and the mirror doesnt feel nearly as wierd as it used to, although my emotions and the feelings of attachment to others is still gone, I feel a bit better every day.
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