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Maybe it's the society that causes this. Maybe the American way of life is inherently distructive to the soul. Maybe going de-per is our soul's way of protecting itself.

I've seen the movie Gattaca about 17 times. I'm trying to escape. There has to be somewhere to be free. Somewhere away. I need reach it, this world is slowly bleeding everything away. They'll say I'm crazy when I leave, but I must escapef the cave. Jesus, they've stolen Jesus. They crucified him and now they wear him around their necks. He was our only hope and they stole him.

We will be free someday, we all will. Don't give up, please don't. Life, truth is waiting for us to find it.

Ghost, hear this. You have a soul. It's very real.

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I think I might agree.

My daydreams consist of hazy visions of a place where the only two polarities are open space, and forest. A little house to live in. A vocation that serves the earth. I think in that place the dp would go down to a minimum.

I'm beginning to think that's what Life is, not flourescent lights and cars.

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If I smack my big aviators on, i truly enjoy a car ride. I love roaming the countryside in a reliable vehicle. I used to have pot accompany me on my little adventures, but thats not such a great idea anymore. I love getting lost and zoning out.

As far as a wholesome, humanistic vocation, i'm with you. If I were to end up in a souless job, then everything would lose meaning.

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There IS no meaning.

We each, each human, creates meaning for ourselves.

Only when we fear that we cannot do that do we rant and rave against a world that has failed to provide it.

Freedom is a wonderful thing. But most people don't want it. Freedom is risk. And implies way too much self-responsbility and potential for disappointment. Freedom REQUIRES that you create meaning. And that you can let the past be over and move forward. Otherwise freedom is a chain, allowing you to keep repeating everything over and over and over. Free to make youself miserable forever.


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Hi Janine

While in a certain practical sense I feel it may be true that we as individuals may pick and choose what it is that gives our lifes personal meaning according to our own indivual unique temperments. But still, nevertheless, I think it goes too far to say that Life has no meaning but that which we give it.

Life is, after all, a "Great Mystery," and meaning may exist in ways we may never "conciously" understand.

Yet I do agree with you that if we want to find meaning in our lifes we must seek it out.


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When was the last time they interviewed a poet on CNN? Yet features on Brittney Spears appear weekly. It's like nihilism is the only thing left for us.

There has to be a place where people believe in beauty. Where the material isn't the paragon of existence.

I'm not talking about hiding in the woods as a hermit. Though very tired of living for consumption. There must be a society of people like me, I'm not intelligent enough to be the only one thinking these thoughts. A society of art and joy, hunger and pain. A place of sanity. Not looking for meaning, looking for Eden.

It's just a dream. Survival wouldn't let this place become. A favorite fantasy of mine that calms frustration and fear. I believe in it, though sure I'll never see it.
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