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The problem with us

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When I was a teen I gained 20 pounds. This was devastating at the time. I frantically searched for quick fixes. Sometimes I'd lose the weight after a quick fix but gain it back.

In my twenties I relaxed with food. I learned to enjoy a good meal and eat regularly the recommended calories in regular meals, 3 a day.

And wouldn't you know? The weight seemed to just fix itself.

Same with dp.

When we get it, we are scared. But we are really scared that if we don't get cured by TOMORROW, we will lose out on life or fall behind or go crazy.

We want it gone NOW. A quick fix.


When I relaxed about food and started focusing on other things, the weight came off.

When we relax and focus on other things, the DP goes away.

I've noticed the people who are emotionally mature, patient, and accepting of DP cure the fastest. They accept that it is a step by step process.

I read a book once that said if you thank god for your problems, they go away. The author instructed people to set aside several minutes each day to say "thank you god for (my car being stolen, my spouse yelling at me, my health issues)" and the results were amazing! Their problems went away. Try it.

Accept. Not quick-fix it.
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