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The Power of Prayer

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has anyone been interested in the power of prayer lately? I think prayer can do miraculous things that can help along people like us who have mental illness. Does anyone else have any experiece with prayer? Sojourner you're more than likely to respond to this, i affirm. LOL
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Prayer is huge for those with mental illness, a source of transcendence that can be very welcome, even if no one is listening. It works for alot of reasons of course, but my comment here is that when one tries to pray when severely dp'd or in a nasty dr state, it is so hard to connect within that prayer. You have lost that connection to transcendence if your own state is temporaryily in disarray. . This is what has happened to me and I always wound up gettting so frustrated I just drank a beer instead. I no longer pray, but I indeed miss this very much.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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