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The Power of Prayer

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has anyone been interested in the power of prayer lately? I think prayer can do miraculous things that can help along people like us who have mental illness. Does anyone else have any experiece with prayer? Sojourner you're more than likely to respond to this, i affirm. LOL
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there are different kinds of prayer martin. you dont have to pray to the great spaghetti god in the sky. you dont have to pray to anyone. im not a bible basher. (in fact, i dont know how anyone can truly think that something written by scizos can be factual.) im not a religious person but i do believe in a creator, that being the Gaia, mother of all living things. that aside i think prayer is healthy in SOME instances. like if you pray for the health and happiness of others, even those whom you dont care for. who you pray to doesnt matter, as long as you have good intentions and wishes for whoever it is your prayer is for. prayer is only bad when it gets confused with OCD. when i was a child i used to pray to Jesus and he would answer me and tell me to mindless OCD tasks like open and shut doors and pick things up and put them back down over and over. OCD prayer can lead to even worse things like superstition. its also bad when you pray for only selfish things. even if you get what you prayed for its not exactly like you will feel good about it. if you pray for others, it always leaves you feeling better in the end.
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sebastian said:
sleepingbeauty said:
im not a bible basher. (in fact, i dont know how anyone can truly think that something written by scizos can be factual.)
Where do you get this from?

common sense is where i got that from.

the bible is a book, or rather, a collection of essays written by men who spoke to god. its called gods 'word' right?? so god spoke to them and told them what to write at least in many of the passages that are forced down humanities throat by the religious. nowdays, when people walk around saying that god 'speaks to them' , and homie cant argue with this, we call them mental patients and shove pills down their throats. how can god feel about the way we are treating his prophets?! i think, we should get all the schizophrenics off meds and put them in charge. thats what god wants right?
Have you ever read something written by a schizo? They ramble on and sound plausible in patches, but no single sentence is coherent.
sounds alot like the bible to me.

and i should know since i was forced to memorize its wierdness in christian school. not to mention evening bible study groups 3 times a week, sunday school, fellowships, and weekend retreats.
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