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The Power of Prayer

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has anyone been interested in the power of prayer lately? I think prayer can do miraculous things that can help along people like us who have mental illness. Does anyone else have any experiece with prayer? Sojourner you're more than likely to respond to this, i affirm. LOL
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sleepingbeauty said:
im not a bible basher. (in fact, i dont know how anyone can truly think that something written by scizos can be factual.)
Where do you get this from?

I do pray every night and never really derive any satisfaction from it, but when i really feel burdened with sadness and anxiety...desperate prayer does help, whatever the reason for that might be.

On another note though, i feel that God and/or angels have helped me through the worst of times and honestly looked out for me. You can call that delusional, but frankly i find atheism and/or the denial of a "soul-giver" (for lack of a better word) equally delusional, for reasons which i'll gladly debate if anyone is interested.

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Martinelv said:
People, like yourself Sebastian, use your powerful intellect...
I like you better every day, Martin. :D

I knew a mouth-frothing Satanist like yourself wouldn't be able to resist this challenge. In a few days i'll post a new thread and we can publicly debate it on there. I don't agree with people who are touchy about religion and don't like to hear any criticism about it. I don't expect you to pull any punches, and let's debate this until one of three things happens:

1. I lead you to the light, which subsequently endows you with a hope and passion you've only dreamt about.

2. You beguile me into darkness, and both our souls are lost to the monstrous vagaries of Satan and his ilk.

3. (Undoubtedly the most probable of the three) We exhaust ourselves in semantics and nit-picking until we agree to call it a draw and such phrases as "we're both obviously too steadfast in our beliefs" get thrown around like wedding rice.

In any case, i'll issue my manifesto on the subject within a few days ("a few" stretching into the weekend), and the mud slinging shall commence thence ("commence thence"...what a funny thing to say).

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