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The Power of Prayer

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has anyone been interested in the power of prayer lately? I think prayer can do miraculous things that can help along people like us who have mental illness. Does anyone else have any experiece with prayer? Sojourner you're more than likely to respond to this, i affirm. LOL
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Prayer is a form of self-delusion. And sometimes, of course, it helps. Much like a placebo. But for those who lack the belief in god, prayer can destroy you.
You can call that delusional, but frankly i find atheism and/or the denial of a "soul-giver" (for lack of a better word) equally delusional, for reasons which i'll gladly debate if anyone is interested.
Let's do it Sebastian. :D

While I am careful not to completely dismiss the idea that some paranormal experiences are based in some reality that we do not yet understand, I am still unable to find anything that cannot be easily (and I'm saying EASILY) dismissed by taking a real close look at wishful thinking or fraud. The vast majority of this guardian angel/clairvoiant stuff is, at best, misdirection, or at worst, lies. People, like yourself Sebastian, use your powerful intellect to rationalise this wishfull thinking into some veneer of reality. I use my rather less powerful intellect to do otherwise. So who is the more delusional?

I apparently have an Egyptian guide. Curious eh? Quite fashionable. Why not a Bostwanan AIDS victim ? Or a paraplegic? I thought all souls were meant to be equal.

I am truely confused as to why you think that atheism (lack of theism) is delusional. It is simply a lack of belief in god/s, because of the total and utter lack of evidence. I think the focus of atheism regarding mainstream (and not-so-mainstream but increasinly fashionable) religions is misleading. I am also A-Father Christmasist. A-Tooth Fairyist. A-Loch Ness Monsterist. A-Astrologyist. A-Tarotist. A-Numerologyist. A-Spidermanist. I also don't believe that you can walk through walls Sebastian, unless you show me otherwise. So I am also A-Sebastian cannot walk through wallsist. Do you see what I am saying?

If you took a step back, wouldn't you think it's just slightly suspicious that never, not once, ever, in this history of anything, has any of this mystical mumbo-jumbo been proven? Ever? Yet at the same time there are trillion and one reasons why people want to believe these things. Why cannot you apply your immense powers of intellect (and I'm not partonising you) in this way - if you were sitting at a table, and there were 99 buttons labelled 'live' and one labelled 'die', which one would you press? The same obvious logic applies to these strange beliefs in spirits or guides or what-the-hell ever. It's just not real!

Of course, whether that matters or not is a different question. But for adults to sit and discuss whether they should carry on deluding themselves might get the alarm bells ringing.
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Homeskooled, I'm confused. I thought you relied on 'first principles' (your own) and not 'proof'?
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