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The Power of Loneliness

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Nothing grips me more than the horror of being alone -- the disquiet of having oneself at the mercy of oneself. A grown up man cries out inside everytime he comes home to an empty house, estranged from a book or the television, looking aghast at the sense of reality that has come to encompass his life. Pure desperation.

A month passes, and then another, and then another, and before long I realize that time is my enemy -- the longer I am alone, the lonelier I feel.

It's a lot of hard work, isn't it?
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Thats wierd. I was about to post about being alone.

Since my dp/dr onset in 01' , I have learned how deep that hole can get. What I struggle with is that I feel like I am completely alone in this. I am not going to get megatron depressed.whiny here, but the fact is that (as we all can relate to somewhat) noone in my world understands how I feel.

I know everyone dp or not goes through this. People feel like the world just doesn't "get" them. This goes beyond a temporary feeling like that.

Can I get over the fact that none of my friends or family don't/can't understand why I am suffering? Will they ever?

I don't want someone holding my hand saying, " I understand, Blake, you feel like a robot. You have no emotions." That is ridiculous. The point is that I KNOW I am alone in this struggle. That I am solely responsible for overcoming it.

I can lean on support if I need it, but ultimately it will be me who gets out of this. Does that make me a stronger person? Or does it make me a failure because I have yet to get better on my own?

How do you all deal with feelings like this (if you have them) ?
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