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The place
I close my eyes, I close my eyes and I find myself in a mad mad place.
I close my eyes and the pain remains, you can open your eyes but the place remains.
I close my eyes and I find myself in a place that shouldn't be a place.
You can open, flash, your awe struck eyes, but still the place remains a place.
This place roots deep inside your mind; leeching up the obsession and fears.
A parasitic, poison palace, the devil himself wouldn't dare.
This place, most won't ever visit, let alone even hear.
This place is my life, but to you, it's just outlandish fear.
This place is my life and I'm afraid I've lost my place before this place.

Happened with the twitch of a thought,
a transformation was clear.
One last final hit, you quit,
Reality before this, shot swiftly as a spear.
It brings a whirlwind,
Endless thoughts, desires and tears
Slowly succumbs the disappoint you fear.
Memory hazy, sensation lost,
You start to fade away.
If I knew the person I would become,
There would be no today.
Waiting here so long, I can't remember,
Which of these songs the devil has sung.

I open my mind, to look in the mirror, disgusted with the image it sears.
This isn't who I ever thought;
I would grow up to be.
If it were up to me, there would have never been a me.
All that's left is what you see, I feel no inside within this me.
I never thought this would be me, a battered soul at the age of thee.
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