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The perfect pill

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Sorry to disappoint anyone sitting hopefully in their seats reading this, but no I'm not about to post a link to breaking news revealing that the perfect cure for mental illness has been found.

This thread's entirely hypothetical, but I nevertheless think it's an issue worth discussing. Enough rambling.

We know that Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and so on aren't "perfect drugs" - they don't work for all, they have annoying side-effects and they probably don't taste all that good if you accidentally fail to swallow them; I wouldn't know I haven't tried.

But let's suppose that, hypothetically speaking, someone were to find the "perfect pill". Let's say that anyone who took this would feel great. It would eliminate depression, anxiety, depersonalization - hell, while it's doing that let's let it eliminate paranoia, fatigue, unconfidence, everything. Even if someone had deep-seated psychological roots for their illness, this would work. Sure it wouldn't remedy the underlying emotional "inner-conflicts", but it would make the person feel "as if" it had.

Now, if this were the case - if someone were to invent this "miracle drug" and if, furthermore, it could be made available to all - would we be justified in taking it? If not, why not? Would there be anything "wrong" with "cheating" life, and making yourself feel artificially good?

I'll leave my own thoughts till later.

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It wouldn't be "wrong" to take the perfect pill. Its a matter of whether or not you choose to live in a fantasy or face reality. A perfect pill isnt going to remove hindrances, its going to completely overshadow them by sucking you into a synthetic chemical reality. I'm more concerned about the potential harmful uses of such a drug by those in power. It would be a simple thing to medicate everyone to the point that they no longer resist and accept their positions in society regardless of whether or not they're being exploited. A bunch of smiling zombies on happy pills, being led around like sheep, I think thats the result of the perfect pill.
The perfect pill that is being described is one that covers up the symptoms and causes of mental illness. Its a pill that will make all your worries go away regardless of your life style. You could be starving to death with a smile on your face as your body slowly shuts down until you die. This is the type of "Perfect pill" that we're talking about. This pill would ELIMINATE all negative personality attributes as monkey said. There would be NO sadness, depression, anxiety, or any other emotions deemed inhibitory to a purely pleasurable state of mind. This pill will not help someone to achieve "balance" it will completely throw off the balance by eliminating any remotely negative thought processes. Under the inlfuence of such a pill a person would only be able to experience the world through rose tinted glasses. So in essence you wold be a zombie. There would be no impetus for positive world change or to hold people responsible for misuse of power. Nobody would do anything because nobody would care.

This isn't an attack on psychiatric medication because it is a purely hypothetical situation. Sure, in my own opinion and off the main topic, psychiatric medication works for some people. I'm more concerned about drug companies that market these medications as if every joe blow should automatically be medicated if hes feeling a bit anxious or depressed. Not to mention the unofficial perks that doctors get for perscribing medication. Or the fact that drug companies try to withhold negative information pertaining to their products. I mean things like vioxx and celebrex are ridiculous. They'll kill the pain indefinately after you have a heart attack and aren't alive to experience it. I think this is pure business to these companies. Try to get as many people as possible on your medication and make as much profit as you can.
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Nonsense to some extent. Whats really nonsense, however, is when people expect that ingrained behavioral patterns are simply going to vanish either with medication or positive thinking. Sure this is something that can be brought under control but if you're not ready to perhaps deal with it for the rest of your life, then maybe you should start preparing just in case.

Depersonalized didn't say that DP would "melt your brain." He said that DP melts into your brain, which seems to be just another way of saying that this is a state of mind that people get used to and are unable to get out of. It might be good advice to try to get used to being this way because expecting to recover completely from this is unrealistic.
Sure you can get it down to a manageable level. I'm not suggesting that we're all on the slow road to insanity. I'm simply saying this or other aspects of our personality have been formed over time and are here to stay. Its worth making an effort to get it under control. I just think people should adjust their expectations so as to not get dissapointed if they find that the feelings they have tend stay with them.
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