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The perfect pill

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Sorry to disappoint anyone sitting hopefully in their seats reading this, but no I'm not about to post a link to breaking news revealing that the perfect cure for mental illness has been found.

This thread's entirely hypothetical, but I nevertheless think it's an issue worth discussing. Enough rambling.

We know that Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and so on aren't "perfect drugs" - they don't work for all, they have annoying side-effects and they probably don't taste all that good if you accidentally fail to swallow them; I wouldn't know I haven't tried.

But let's suppose that, hypothetically speaking, someone were to find the "perfect pill". Let's say that anyone who took this would feel great. It would eliminate depression, anxiety, depersonalization - hell, while it's doing that let's let it eliminate paranoia, fatigue, unconfidence, everything. Even if someone had deep-seated psychological roots for their illness, this would work. Sure it wouldn't remedy the underlying emotional "inner-conflicts", but it would make the person feel "as if" it had.

Now, if this were the case - if someone were to invent this "miracle drug" and if, furthermore, it could be made available to all - would we be justified in taking it? If not, why not? Would there be anything "wrong" with "cheating" life, and making yourself feel artificially good?

I'll leave my own thoughts till later.

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I've been obsessed with this superhuman idea, that every person should find who they really are and develop themselves into the most perfect version of themselves. So far I haven't found a singe example of this, so it's just in my head and besides is too exhausting an idea. All people just seem so sad and unhappy but when I ask them, they say they're just fine. So I'm just projecting my own feelings onto everyone else. But anyway, I think it'd be good thing if everyone could use their full potential without becoming emotionless machines and without losing creativity so there'd still be space for depression and anxiety, which occasionally are completely normal states of mind. But it just seems many people have something which stops them from being who they are and they worry about all kind of futile things and believe they are right doing so. So, if people could be made to lose these hindrances with a pill, I don't see anything wrong with it. ( Maybe I'm just preprogrammed by Zoloft).
Scattered said:
It wouldn't be "wrong" to take the perfect pill. Its a matter of whether or not you choose to live in a fantasy or face reality.
Well "the perfect pill" does sound like stuff in some scifi comic , but the idea of psychiatric medication making all people into happy mindless zombies is old fashioned. And if there was a pill to cure dp 100 % I'm sure everyone would take it. My current reality isn't real, and neither is the world view of say a depressed person, so I don't see anything wrong with interfiring it with medication. Only a few people gain mental balance during their life even if they were supposedly "normal". If there was a safe pill to help them to achieve this balance I'd accept it, and to me a perfect pill is just a highly improved version of current drugs, which already help many people. I don't understand why some won't accept that these meds actually can work and be irreplaceable (when nothing else works).
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