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Normalness, of the mind.
So easy… just happens for most.
But for the unlucky manny including myself, it's a hassle.
It's like a roller coaster ride.
I have my ups where I manage to feel normal, manage to enjoy.
I have my downs where I yearn for it to end.
I get lost somewhere in the middle, in the numbness.
And yet somehow, I continue on.

I wonder, how can anything be?
I ponder the questions that most people just accept as normal.
I find myself in terror, am I crazy?
Who am I? How can I be?
I get lost in my frantic mind terrorizing myself wondering,
Who? Why? How?
When I need to just let it be.

I relax, I accept, I move on.
I enjoy.
I hurt.
I feel.

I lose myself to numbness.
I beg for the pain.
I invite it in.

And the cycle repeats itself, like a never ending roller coaster ride, just when i think its about to end...

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Mar 30 2011 10:40 PM

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