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feeling shitty,..have my three weeks off from work.. i work at a school and i have three weeks off between summer school and the new year starting. i am off from college too.i know i could be cleaning blah blah blah..but im not. im doing what i do. the codine the dentist gave me .i m thinking right now.. its a damn good thing..cause i might be going nuts if i didnt have it..but you guys are reminding me that its no good. i know your right. i just drank a beer too.. i know that eventualy everything wears off. i sound pathetic. i was watching docotor phil and he was like, you have to find something to get excited about in your life to fill a void.. well i did...i found a career path..i am really excited...but there still must be a void. i feels like im the only real thing and everything outside is just like a movie.

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Dr Phil needs to get his fat head out of his fat ass and find a real job.

But seriously--that's, it, aminic. Among the thousands of metaphors this is as good as any. I too feel as if no reality exists outside my own brain. Yes I keep pushing on, try to work hard, try to challenge myself, try to improve my financial situation, try to get excited about change, about ideas.

I continue doing these things even though, on any refection at all, it all seems pointless. It seems I am doing this work for somebody else, like one of those poor women who put their contemptible boyfriends/husbands through, for example, med school, only to be dumped when they graduate into a great job.

This other person would, I guess, be some other self that can appreciate all this stuff, that may appear tomorrow, or next month, or next year, or whatever.
We don't have to settle for this kind of life. But what are we to do?
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