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The only person in the world?

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Anyone ever feel like there the only person in the world and everyone else is there imagiation?

It's scaring the hell out of me. I keep questioning everything, like why do things look the way they do?

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I can relate to feeling all alone, its a terrible feeling. Theres a veil between myself and others. "Things" dont look weird to me, but my perception of reality and my place in it are very --hmmm-I dont know how to describe it. I am an isolated person and I find the more I can truly feel connection to other human beings or even my dogs I do better. There is a sense of "far-away-ness" to my symptoms which sucks and can feel very scary when DP hits suddenly and *I* feel like I am a figment of my own or someones imagination. Try to relax and know its all boogeymen...not relly rreal and wont hrt you. Thats what I do.
my best,
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