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The only person in the world?

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Anyone ever feel like there the only person in the world and everyone else is there imagiation?

It's scaring the hell out of me. I keep questioning everything, like why do things look the way they do?

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You are all describing anxiety without the physical symptoms of racing heart, etc.




The answer:

- Psychotherapy


- Medicine


I think most people here should immediately stop thinking in terms of DP/DR.

Everything I read here is anxiety of one sort or another.

I say this not from the position of one who has read a lot, but from the position of one who knows from experience exactly what you are talking about.

I had my first anxiety attack today since MAY 21, 2005. Sheer hell.

It is ALL anxiety, folks. Take care of it with psychotherapy or medicine or both.

But don't wait around for it to leave on its own if you've tried. Either you need to release some inner stuff that you're scared of or your brain is sending incorrect signals to your pituitary which is flooding your body with too much adrenalin and other good stuff.

This will not go away on its own.

I've come to the conclusion that waiting and hoping and distracting and all that is worthless -- totally worthless.

Take benzos, do therapy, take antidepressants if necessary. But do something.

This will NOT leave on its own. Spare yourself the sorrow of lost time. Get help NOW and follow the doctor's instructions to the letter.
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