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the most misserable christmas yet

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gets worse every year...ive realised im not actually making progress,im becoming more and more lost as the years go by...
i have to be realistic now and accept that i am not getting better...this isnt me feeling sorry for myself or feeling down,but there is usally a hint of seasonal emotion and this year nothing at all...i dread the year ahead,and just hate this crap,there has to be a way out

happy christmas for those that are actually making the effort to enjoy..

no doubt next year will be worse (if im still around)
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congratulate me its my first anniversary or having dp :( its been a rough year and i really hope i can try to enjoy 2morrow.....if not for me for the kids as what SB put is the exact same way my kids i am at 22.55 and still cant do santa as the kids are awake....... :?
nearly 11pm SB time for kids to be not seen but they are all far to excited so my dp will be worse tomoz with severe lack of sleep......but thats life i suppose
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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