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the most misserable christmas yet

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gets worse every year...ive realised im not actually making progress,im becoming more and more lost as the years go by...
i have to be realistic now and accept that i am not getting better...this isnt me feeling sorry for myself or feeling down,but there is usally a hint of seasonal emotion and this year nothing at all...i dread the year ahead,and just hate this crap,there has to be a way out

happy christmas for those that are actually making the effort to enjoy..

no doubt next year will be worse (if im still around)
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Lol Axel, funny post.

Giving somebody a crap petty item gift-wrapped at the end of a session is a good idea, and I laughed at your re-telling of it, heh. Packet of sugar seems like the perfect, pathetic gift for that.

Trying to look happy for granny too, but coming off as alien or strange, lol. I just relate (me and my brother always crack up about it); even in my most happiest Christmas moments (well, past age 10 probably), there's always a fakey, gotta-look-happy conscious thought process in my head. Easy to become cynical about it when you're putting on a face every year.

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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