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the most misserable christmas yet

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gets worse every year...ive realised im not actually making progress,im becoming more and more lost as the years go by...
i have to be realistic now and accept that i am not getting better...this isnt me feeling sorry for myself or feeling down,but there is usally a hint of seasonal emotion and this year nothing at all...i dread the year ahead,and just hate this crap,there has to be a way out

happy christmas for those that are actually making the effort to enjoy..

no doubt next year will be worse (if im still around)
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im not really depressed,emotionless scared but not depressed,the worse thing is i just feel like im on another planet...what makes it worse is i lose that normal pattern

you know the tv programmes are the same,everyone goes to work monday to friday,the shops keep regular hours,and i just obsess about how unsettled my mind feels and it gets me all worked up
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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