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Miscellaneous illusions sometimes help people get over other problems. Exercise, and more specifically, pushing the limit, has been a way of unleashing any burried anger. A set of hardening illusions appear from time to time, pushing me into escape the limits as a balance to problems that occure in other parts of my mind/psyche. a good shelter. A safe place. A base. A place to hold on tight.

The self-achknowledgement goes absent (either totally, or just a lot), the (thing that I think that might be) DP/DR goes absent, and there is only thing: the effort.

I am lazy lately. Too scared to leave the house. I am also too tired (don't know why, light depression perhaps?) But this.. this lazyness makes it even more strong. Like I have to defeat myself twice. The more "natural" the exercise the better (i.e.: it's better running than lifing weights).

I don't know why I wanted to say that, but does anyone has/had alike thoughts?
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