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I was told this by a friend quite a while ago.

The Game is simple.

You do not think about The Game.

As soon as you think about The Game, you have lost The Game.

(I went for a year before I got a text message that simply said "You lose" - NOOOOO!)

Does anyone notice any comparisons there between 'The Game' and a recovery from a certain affliction I won't need to describe too much before you know what I mean? :wink:

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People who are involved in the Game chronically tend to be unable to stop thinking about the Game.

When youre deep in the Game, its nearly impossible to stop thinking about it. Thoughts of the Game just pop in, so its important to change your reaction once thoughts of playing the Game occur.

You win by accepting the times you DO think about the Game and not fighting it. You can't win by fighting it. You win by ACCEPTING that you will think of the Game sometimes, and being just fine with that.

The less struggle, the less tension, the less stress you associate with the moment when the Game pops in, the less power you give it.
Get comfortable with the phrase "Oh thats just the Game" and shrug your shoulders.

As the Game comes in and out of your thoughts, it slowly becomes unimportant because it no longer causes all of that !!!!!struggle/tension/stress!!!!

This is not immediate, it takes practice and a willingness to let some time pass to allow the skills to mature.

You win by not caring about the Game

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orangeaid said:
Oh mr.mole eff yeah rockn' with the scrubs.gif I LOVE SCRUBSS!!!!
:lol: Dr Kelso is my role model - what I would give to stroll into work and bash the crap out of dumbasses :lol:
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