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A true experience from last night, using my new self-confidence techniques (note - not confidence tricks).

Sat in the waiting room at the train station. There was a young woman (in her 20's), and a man (in his 50's)

Me: "Its it cold or is it just me?"
General embarrassed laughter.
Man: "Yep, summer is definately over"
Woman: "Did we ever have one?"
Me: "At least it's not as hot as last year. That was unbearable"
Man: "Yeah"
Woman: "God, yes, that was terrible"
Man says goodbye, and gets up to catch his train.
Woman: "You look knackered"
Me (laughs): "I am. I don't think I should have to work. I'm so handsome people should just give me money and stuff"
Woman (laughs): "Good idea. Me too"
Me: "Do you enjoy reading fiction?"
Woman (putting down her book) "Oh yeah, I love it, I'm currently doing a course in English Literature."
10 minutes of increasingly animated conversation about literature, with me giving her a disk containing a complete collection of my writing. To cut a long story short, we become so caught up in conversation that we got on the wrong train and ended up in f*****g Harwich Dock. We had to wait 30 minutes for the train back to where we started, so she invited me to a pub opposite and, despite me offering to pay, bought me a glass of wine. We then, astonishing, started talking about really personally things - like my divorce, her pregnancy at the age of 20...etc. We then caught the train back. We talked about just about everything, life experiences, loves, losses, incredible. We eventually got the right train back to where we were both going. She, despite having a boyfriend, and no intention of ever leaving him) gave me her number and said she'd give me a ring if I ever fancied a drink. I agreed, as long as she tried to hook me up with some of her single friends. She said she knew someone perfect for me. When we got the station she kissed my cheek and then she walked off to get a taxi. I stood for a moment, then went after her and gave the taxi driver the fare for her. She look at me and then kissed me again. We departed."
This morning I got a text message saying that she thought I was one of the most interesting people she had ever met. :)

The moral - self-confidence = occassional dividends. And I'm not just talking about sex. There is no chance of that between me and her, but I think this may try and start to clear up what I'm talking about. The transformation in my life, within a week, has been incredible. Not just with women, but with male work friends who, after being there for three days, have named the office plant after me because it resembles my hair, stuff like that. I also explained my theory of orgasmic childbirth to a heavily pregnant work colleague, who laughed so much she thought her waters were going to break.

I am not particually witty. I am not particually good looking. I am not expecially funny. I just make the best of what I've got, and goddamn it, I going to keep doing it. Sure, once in a while I might get punched in the face by a stranger who thinks I'm a weirdo, but I'm finding out that people are more receptive to cheefull approachs than you might think.

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Good stuff man! Confidence says a lot. Action over Perfection is what I like to say! As far as relationships, girls want to be approached, and if you never try to talk to a girl you may never know what could of happened.

Good stuff! :idea:
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