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The final bubble

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The last week has been different.i go from full blown derealization during the day to everything feels real and normal by about 9 at night.
The feeling of being "high" as in im on a drug i cant come down from is the only symptum i cant get rid just this little bubble around my head that seperates me from everything.if i could just get this bubble to burst again like it did before then pop!id be completely back in reality.
Its frustrating,only because i feel like im 99.9% back but this little $#@%&¥£ bubble just wont burst!

The closer i get,the more i feel my extreme anxiety though.everytime i have re-entered reality for the couple of hours i have been shaking,felt palpatations etc.

I guess even if the meds have made a big difference in improving my mood,i still have a way to go before my brain feels its safe enough to put its guard down.
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