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Hi, I just have a question, it may sound stupid to you or you may not understand what I mean but still I hope there is someone who can relate to it and answer me.

What are your feelings about the fact you cant really see yourself the way you can see others?

Basically I mean you cant see your face (well, obviously), so you cant know yourself objectively.. I mean you have no idea about how you look when you are laughing, speaking, who you are in this world the way you know this about others.

For me this creates anxiety, dp sensations and it kind of terrifies me and yes, I know rationally everyone is inside of them so there is no reason to see themselves the way they can see the rest of the world. But even if I know this, the "situation" still makes me feel uncomfortable.

And also I am amazed by the fact it had never occured weird to my friends/family or even to me before having depersonalization.

Hope at least here somebody understands.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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