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Found this site that plays videoclips. The samples here are quite short unfortunately, but they play my favorite music, the kind I played when I was still a DJ.
The first one is new to me, but the music Sample that is used is one of my all time favorite disco songs ('This Time Baby' by Jackie Moore).

If you like the gym, play this one. Really cool!!
Eric Prydz-Call On Me

There are also pop video's and I saw (for Jc) the video of 'Oasis'.
Also Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand and much more. Also Full Length video's.

8) :p

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I couldnt figure out that first song, who sung the original lyrics, it sounded awfully familiar. I discovered (for anyone who cares to, that it is Tina Turner (When The Heartache Is Over).

Signed by.......

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Maybe the second video was a bit too sexy?lol
Its very gay. Camp.

Anyway, here some samples of my favorite music, short ones only, no video's.

At Night-Shakedown

Good Times-Chic

Change Of Heart-Change

Just The Way You Like It-S.O.S. Band

Everybody Dance-Chic


Is It Love You're After-Rose Royce

Need Quick Time to be able to listen.
Maybe more coming up.
I just Love it. Childhood sentiments.
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