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the difference between emotional illness and mental illness

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following on from a thread and mp3 link that nemesis posted...heres the mp3 link

thanks to nemesis for this link,hope you dont mind me starting a new thread about this...

anyway ! i listened to this last night and it was very interesting but i got kind of worried when the woman called in an expert to answer some questions on symptoms anxiety and agrophobia are symptoms of 'fear of fearful feelings' i can relate to this as its only my weird sensations that keep me on high alert but what worried me was she asked the expert what is the difference between mental illness and anxiety/agrophobia...

his reply went something like this

'anxiety agrophobia and brief spells of unreality and detachment are an emotional illness,when someone is in a constant state of detachment and unreality then that is a mental illness'

so i guess(which scares me)we are all considered mentally ill,i for one feel detached all of the time and a bit spaced out

didnt fill me with hope i must admit
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Does it really matter so much that this person made a verbal distinction between an "emotional" and a "mental" illness. Isn't this just semantics, doesn't this just make this guy sound smart, and sound like he's an expert? You think he's ever experienced DP?

You're currently having an "emotional" reaction to his clever definition. I think that rules out mental illness on your part.

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